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Macfanatic is an Apple Certified Consulting & Learning Firm located in Vancouver BC Canada. I have worked closely with the Macfanatic crew since their inception, helping with creative direction, graphic design, brand positioning, product development and communication design.


In late 2011 we began a full brand identity design, to refresh the heritage of the original brand imagery, as well serve to define the brands’ vision, messages as well as positioning, in order to combat an over-saturated Apple IT Consultants Market.

In working closely with the Macfanatic team, we were able to articulate their vision, craft their core messages, build sales & marketing collateral in an effort to position their brand to best service the ever growing Apple Business sector.

The project began with market research & analysis to better understand the segments which surrounding the position we desired.


• Strategic Market Management
• Brand Consultation
• Creative Direction
• Copy Writing
• Graphic Design
• Iconography
• Web Development
• Product Design

Launch Website


Team Justin Frost
Office Tristan Casey

The famous “Happy Mac” icon was designed in 1984, by the pioneering iconographer Susan Kare, for Apple Computers. The “hello” typographic is a reproduction from the original used in the infamous early advertising campaigns for the Apple Macintosh Classic by Chiat/Day.

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