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Mon Jour is a Bridal Beauty Specialist & Consultancy firm in Vancouver, BC Canada (est. 2013)—who’s promise is to fulfill a brides’ dream of being her most perfect, beautiful self, on her big day. Mon Jour is focusing on each brides’ unique vision for herself on her wedding day, and providing the complete range of beauty services (hair, makeup & styling) in order to bring that dream to fruition.

A member of the founding team approached me early-on in the businesses conception stage—to introduce the business big-idea to me, share their market concept, and hear any advice I might lend.

They offered much positive energy input into the venture, sparking my interest and ideas towards the project. Through sharing and snowballing thoughts, I quickly confirmed we were both on the same page, and we both agreed that this collaboration would be a good-fit. After a great conversation and initial discovery, I had suffice inspiration and information from the client, in order to start my creative & strategic engines.

I would proceed to develop a brand communication strategy proposal—which would connect and cement the founders’ vision—outlining the state of the local bridal market, sharing inspiration from the world leaders in beauty/cosmetic industry, relating the timeless visual cues used in beauty/fashion advertising, as well as begin to document the psychological understanding of the target audience. This document would prove invaluable as we would proceed to conceive, develop and shape the design for their brand identity.

Since beginning in late 2012, I have helped the Mon Jour team shape their brand concept, articulate their vision & have provided visuals to their communication—effectively positioning the brand for success in their desired market.


The business would be offering Bridal Hair, Make-up & Styling services to the discerning bride and bridal party. The concept being they would be the first to enter the market as a full service beauty consultancy and styling agency—fulfilling all cosmetic, beauty, and fashion requirements of a brides’ vision for her beautiful day.

They would appeal to the average bride-to-be, planning her big day, who is most concerned with being (looking & feeling) her very best on her wedding day. The bride who wants to look and feel her most perfect—exuding her very unique & beautiful self—just as she has always envisioned.

For this bride, the business will fulfil that dream, by providing the compete range of professional hair, makeup & styling services. To unveil the bride and entire bridal party, in the timeless image of feminine elegance and beauty on her wedding day, to be encapsulated in their memories forever.


In working closely with the entrepreneur team, I was able to provide their brand an identity, including; the brand name, brand logotype, a brand trademark / symbol, brand imagery & graphic, typographic system, business communication collateral, and digital trade-show signage.

• Strategic Market Management
• Brand Consultation
• Creative Direction
• Naming
• Copy Writing
• Graphic Design
• Brand Identity Design


Photography: Liz Rosa

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