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Brand identity creation for Amber Williams, a.k.a. Owl Eyes. Amber Marie Williams takes on this moniker for her offerings as nature’s advocate, writer, yoga instructor, and creator of Rinny the Rinpoche. Owleyes.com serves as the hub online where all of her creations come to life and have a home.


Amber Williams came to me in need of a book cover design for her novel “Owl Eyes: A Timeless Fable About Interconnection, Nature & Love”, which led to the initial design as well as the discovery of a need to tell her story online, create and consolidate her brand image for not only her authorings, but also for Rinny the Rinpoche illustrated story books & stuffed animals, as well as for her restorative yoga teachings and Mila Chia Seed distribution.

Amber enjoys the simple things both in life and in design. If something can be said or achieved in less, this is her desire.

It was with this ethos we began with the icons, website, and imagery to begin to form her brand style.


• Brand Consultation
• Creative Direction
• Graphic Design
• Illustration
• Web Development

Launch Project
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