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Wendy Eyton has been actively teaching and developing Restorative Yoga Teacher Training & Mentoring Programs for the last decade.


Wendy was seeking a personal brand identity to encompass her strong belief system and represent her unique expertise, outlook and offerings towards the holistic healing industry.

To sum up the desired look in Wendy’s own two words “minimal + zen”. Because I have had the pleasure of knowing Wendy for several years, and can appreciate her own very distinct style, I knew exactly what she meant. She also requested a sister business identity for her Biodynamic Living company.

We began by developing her personal identity under Wendy Eyton. Because the sister business Biodynamic Living would retain a model and values centred very closely around her own, the personal identity would serve as a good visual foundation for the sister company, which would be need to be connected visually.

The project began with market research & analysis to better understand the segments which surrounding the position we desired.


• Brand Consultation
• Creative Direction
• Graphic Design
• Iconography
• Web Development

Launch Project
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